a mideast feast

Middle Eastern foods usually contain olive oil, garlic, special spices and fresh vegetables. These ingredients create unique aromas and tastes. In addition, Middle Eastern foods are loaded with healthy nutritional properties. Middle Eastern cuisine is based on ancient traditions and adds a unique aspect to cooking. The recipes are simple and the results depend on the quality of the ingredients combined with the cook’s personal touch. If you prepare Middle Eastern food, do it with love, or don’t do it at all. When cooking Middle Eastern food, let the recipes guide you. Do not try to be too complicated. Do not overdress the food or use too many spices in one recipe. Use only fresh ingredients and don’t over-fry or overcook. Although the Middle Eastern kitchen is famous for its simplicity, it has huge variety and endless styles of food. Everyone, from meat eaters to vegetarians and even vegans, can enjoy preparing these delicious recipes. At the present time, when the political situation in the Middle East seems to always be on the brink, cuisine can be a bridge between Arabs and Israelis, inviting them to share a common culinary experience.

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